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My teaching is focused on cultivating and accessing the receptive whole self of movement and performance practitioners. I create a supportive and stimulating space for students to deepen their range and access to movement and performative choices through experiential, technical and poetic methods of integrating the body’s sensation and the movement of the mind. I value rigorous attention and care towards evoking a physical manifestation of consciousness, both individually and collectively, through movement, choreographic, improvisational, sounding and writing practices. I encourage generosity and criticality across these various modes of experimentation and the discourse that emerges from these experiences.

I have been a teaching artist at University of Wisconsin/Madison, Ohio University, University of Maryland/College Park, Wilson College, Dickinson College, University of Virginia, Columbia College, Virginia Commonwealth University, Broward College, University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee, Juniata College and University of Nebraska/Lincoln as well as professional and community venues in New York; Gibney Dance, classclassclass, and Brooklyn Studios for Dance.