My teaching is closely intertwined with my research and practice of making dances. As such, my teaching involves practices that I engage in from a creative, critical perspective and focuses on choreographic strategies, improvisational structures, performance practices, and the somatic technical practice of Skinner Releasing Technique. I have taught at many college and universities in the US including Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Wisconsin/Madison, University of Nebraska/Lincoln, Ohio University, Dickinson College, University of Virginia, Wilson College, Columbia College and Broward Community College. I ‘ve also shared my artistic practices at community venues including Gibney, classclassclass, Brooklyn Studios for Dance, Pieter Pasd Performance Space and Kunst-Stoff Arts.


Getting Out to Get In to Get Out: Practice as Performance

The heart of this class/workshop will be performing for each other. In each session we will experiment with ways to cultivate a heightened sense of where we are individually in the present moment, so that we can more readily come together. Using movement studies, kinesthetic imagery, and other approaches we will tune in and tune up our whole selves (perceptual, imaginative, physical) so we can get out of our own way, allowing for our most open performance.

In solos and small groups, we will experiment working with questions that enliven our receptivity and awareness for our performing. Some questions might be: How am I working? What is at stake? Why does it matter? There will be room for potential contradictions and ambiguities within our practice, allowing for a politics of unfixedness, vulnerability and boldness to emerge.

Individually and collectively we will create spontaneous encounters for and with each other as a way into our dancing. We will get at what we need as performers and clarify or challenge our relationship with our audience. We will consider the layers of our perception, performing, and making we share in the room and make ample time for discussion, writing and otherwise sharing. 


Skinner Releasing Technique (TM)

Skinner Releasing is a dance training methodology combining technique with creative process. By cultivating effortlessness, one begins letting go of unnecessary holding in the physical self, gaining flexibility, efficiency, freedom. Through guided imagery, music and hands-on partner studies the practice facilitates a deep kinesthetic experience of movement and in time a shedding of outer layers. It is an experiential, intuitive approach that utilizes imagery as a powerful tool for transformation.